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Terms of Use and Privacy Policy:

Welcome to all of our new members! If you wish to sell here please read the instructions. Hobbyists and vendors alike are welcome to sell live corals and dry goods as long as they are in auction or buy it now format.

Auction listings can be no longer than 5 days, I am giving sellers an extra day of coverage for higher end items. Sellers are not allowed to end their listings early if there are bids on an item. Buyers and sellers are expected to contact each other to arrange payment directly after the auction ends. Any seller that is found to delete auctions due to low bids will be removed from this page.

No more than 10 auctions can be posted per day, per seller. It’s ok to have more than 10 ending on one day. This helps keep it fair for everyone.

You may post a link to your website or Facebook page within the auction, any advertising and posting of links outside of the auction is not permitted. Any repeat offenders will be banned. Also advertising contests being held by your favorite store or whatever is not permitted here. There are plenty of other groups where you can do this.

Payment must be made within 24 hours of auction end otherwise the auction win will be void. Habitual non-paying bidders will be banned. If you are just window shopping, please do not bid as it is a HUGE waste of sellers’ time.

Has been changed.

Posting negative commentary on a seller’s auction listing like “I have that for cheaper” or “that coral looks bad”, etc is a fast way to be banned. If you have an issue with the seller please contact the seller or an admin. Trolls are absolutely not tolerated here and I will happily remove you if you fit into that category.

Posting questions and feedback for sellers is welcome on this website.

All auction pictures MUST be WYSIWYG.

www.coralauctions.eu is only the platform. We are not a vendor or seller.